Effortless, cozy & sexy at the same time? Say no more!
We designed this versatile loungewear collection that could deliver in just about any situation. We wanted pieces that were cozy enough to curl up on the sofa, but polished enough to show off in public. From dresses & lounge pants to jumpsuits & cozy wool pieces, we’ve got you covered.
Entirely made of the highest quality natural fabrics, every piece feels almost soothing against bare skin.

Effortless, cozy & sexy, perfect for lounging, working and everything in between.

  • UNDRESS Pulover 100% lână

    290 lei
  • UNDRESS Vestă 100% lână pură

    240 lei
  • UNDRESS Pantaloni comozi din tencell

    190 lei
  • UNDRESS Rochie lejeră bumbac, muștar

    230 lei
  • UNDRESS Pantaloni lejeri gri

    155 lei
  • UNDRESS Cămașă oversize din in

    230 lei
  • UNDRESS Pantaloni comozi din in

    190 lei

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