Monom is a brand that manages to assert its strength with well-thought-out elegance and subtle refinement. Monom creates architectures that, once dressed, potentiate both geometry and organic by contrast. Read into every shape and its dialogue with the body; indulge in the sweet talk between edges and organic forms.

Not only geometries, but monom jewellery also share a story.  Wear it with pride.

Behind the minimalist jewelry brand is Georgiana Ciceo – architect, member of the ZAIN – Design Expressions team (ZAIN is the only design festival taking place in Transylvania), and, starting, 2016 –¬†monom. Monom bears the mark of the designer’s personality, the objects being created in a calculated way, with a special dedication for each piece.

We give you architectures to enhance the body. geometries to be enhanced by the mind.




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