Undress @HOME ~ a story

To all you babes out there in your pyjamas: We feel you!

We all have that one hoodie that’s so worn-down that we’ll only wear it to the living room—but still won’t think about giving it away. So while we understand the need to feel comfortable in this new work place called home, we also think that dressing up for the day is a huge mood booster.

Wearing something nice will brighten your day and will make you feel more in control, productive and good about yourself.

So we designed this versatile loungewear collection (our first one!) that could deliver in just about any situation. We wanted pieces that were cozy enough to curl up on the sofa, but polished enough to show off in public.

From dresses & lounge pants to jumpsuits & cozy wool pieces, we’ve got you covered.
Entirely made of the highest quality natural fabrics, every piece feels almost soothing against bare skin.
Effortless, cozy & sexy, perfect for lounging, working and everything in between.

Dreamteam for the shooting:
Model: Nika
Photographer: Andreea Mitran
Video: Andrei Purcărea
Location: the most beautiful and cozy apartment in Bucharest, owned by Anca Dumitrescu.