Undress Conversations - Diana Sar

For the debut of the series „Undress Conversations” we are thrilled to introduce Diana Sar.

Diana is a model, film & theater actress, but above that she’s the kind of girl who lights up every room she enters.

Below, she shares with us a special glimpse into her daily rituals, thoughts & passions for inspiration.

A morning ritual
As I wake up, I like to think about three things that I’m grateful for in that day. It can be for a big range of things, from health, friends and family, to the fact that my orchid is blooming soon, that my clothes order will arrive today or that I’m meeting this cute guy. Afterwards, I always follow my skincare routine and, unfortunately, open my phone. At the moment I’m working on trying to not check my phone for the first thirty minutes of the day.

Home is where I love and feel loved and I can burn some palo santo and feel safe to meditate.

Favorite song that you had on repeat on 2020
All year, I had on repeat the song “Energy” from Sampa the Great, but recently, I’ve overplayed the song „Lucifer” by Robert Botezan.

Favorite book
My all time favorite book is “The Master and Margarita“, but a book that forever will remain in my heart is “Nunta in cer” by Mircea Eliade.

Favorite artist
I do not have a favorite artist, I get inspired from a lot of different artists

Favorite local brand
As I like to change my style depending on how I feel, I have a wide rage of brands that I like. I love Undress for the minimalist design and the great materials they use, as sometimes I adopt a simple classic style. In other days, I want to be eccentric and I choose clothes created by Anca Murgoci for her brand, Circusphere. For lingerie, I am a big fan of Ukiscreator by Raluca Braniște.

Favorite movie
I love a lot of movies, but as we are close to winter holidays, I will say “Last Christmas” directed by Paul Feig. I am not a fan of Christmas movies, so you can imagine how good this movie is, as it ended up on my list of favorites.

The best thing happened in 2020 for you or the world
In 2020, I’ve officially overcome for good my binge eating disorder, which was a part of my life for almost ten years. Now, I have a healthy relationship with food, I eat whatever I want, without guilt. I offer my body only as much as it needs. And I am in best shape I’ve ever been physically and mentally.

Share a comfort food recipe
Now, my comfort food is greek yogurt with honey, almonds, cinnamon, granola and blueberries, strawberries or banana.

3 things that make you happy
My health, my passion for acting and my family & friends.

I like my coffee…long, with a bit of milk or soya, without sugar

What do you feel when you are undressed?
I feel grateful for my healthy body, for what I’ve been gifted, for what I’ve worked for and for the art of my tattoo artists

Favourite Undress Piece that you would wear for days
I love the black dress that I have from Undress, it has a loose fit and I could easily wear it to a big range of events, from business meetings to dates. I feel classy, special and sexy in that dress.

Photos: Vlad Andrei