Undress Conversations - Felicia Simion

Felicia Simion is a visual artist and freelance photographer, but she is also an amazing human being which you could tell just by looking at her photographs or at her self-portraits with her lovely daughter, Aurora.

We are in love with Felicia’s work for a very long time now and we are glad to share with you a few of her thoughts, rituals and inspirations.

A morning ritual: Picking the outfit of the day for my daughter, Aurora

Home is… a state of mind

Favorite song that you had on repeat on 2020: The Lumineers – Sleep on the floor

Favorite book: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince

Favorite artist: Ștefan Câlția

Favorite local brand: Hempcloth

Favorite movie: The tree of life
The best thing happened in 2020 for you or the world: Winning battles with postpartum depression
Share a comfort food recipe: Polenta with cheese
3 things that make you happy: Aurora’s laugh, a good cup of coffee, random hellos
I like my coffee… flat whited
What do you feel when you are undressed? Ease
Favourite Undress Piece that you would wear for days. The mint wide jumpsuit.


Go to her website https://feliciasimionphotography.com/ or follow her on Instagram, @feliciasimion.photographer and let yourself inspired by her wonderful work. You’ll be amazed.