Undress Conversations - Nika

The second Undress conversation is here!
Nika is a singer and a songwriter. She has this amazing beautiful voice and the most lovely spirit – you can smile just by looking at her. She is also a model and we are more than happy that last year she got to be our muse.

Below, she shares with you the things that make her happy, her favorite books, brands, and so on. Take a minute and get to know her better, then play her songs on repeat and dance a little. You won’t be sorry, we promise.

A morning ritual: Morning stretch, delicious breakfast and vanilla coffee

Home is… my planet, anywhere i can find peace and quiet

Favourite song that you had on repeat on 2020:  James Blake’s short album- “Before”

Favorite book: Steven Pressfield: The Art of War- a book that had a big impact on me and helped me self improve everyday a bit more

Favorite artist: I could never choose one😂 so, my new favourite discoveries: James Blake, Lous and the Yakuza, Claire Laffut.

Favorite local brand: i don’t know very many probably, but recently fell in love with Undress. I also love Raquette, Bianca  Popp and Alexandra Calafeteanu.

Favorite movie: Climax – Gaspad Noe

The best thing happened in 2020 for you or the world

When it comes to the world: i am grateful to live in times when so many people around the globe are fighting for the same causes like racism, corruption, climate change, LGBT rights and many others. Also, i’m so proud to see that my home country – Moldova, made a huge step and elected its first female president for the first time in history.

Speaking about myself, 2020 helped me reach some limits, take some important decisions, which sometimes is hard to do and, i guess i can say.. get out of my comfort zone more often 🦋

Share a comfort food recipe

Oh, I got so many i’m confused. I’ll go with garlic bruschetta with lots of parmezan

3 things that make you happy

Nature, music, Paris

I like my coffee….next to my cheesecake

What do you feel when you are undressed?  – I feel freedom

Favourite Undress Piece that you would wear for days

I wear my Honey Jumpsuit everyday. I think all my other clothes are jealous.