Watch me BLOOM ~ a story

Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow.

She knows that every flower blooms at a different pace, in its own time; so she learnt to believe in her ability to grow, blossom and transform.

Some blossoms have the scent of melancholia, others are bathed in new beginnings. Cause where flowers bloom, so does hope.

Let her live like flowers.

Wild & beautiful & drenched in the sun.

Love without reason, bloom without season.

This story is about us, it’s about you.
And this is what we had in mind for our AW20 shooting, the second one this year. Speaking of which, we know that 2020 was a really hard one for everybody, but we will finish it with a smile on our faces, because we are grateful for the community it brought us. And with lots of prosecco nearby, don’t you fear.

So, in this bizarre and unique year, we thought that flowers might bring you some happiness, along our clothes designed specially for you to wear wherever: at your office, on the streets, on a date or even at home.

We had a dreamteam for this shooting:
Photographer: Andreea Mitran
Model: Nika
Flowers by:
Vases: TactilUtil
Make up artist: Mihaela Cherciu