Who we are

 an Eastern European based creative label that aims to create and curate refined minimalist women’s ready-to-wear and accessories

 a pursuit of minimalism to help humans gain freedom by being more conscious and mindful of the things, people and experiences in their lives

 a call to Earth for having less in order to become more


We’ve created our own idea of woman around 3 words: distinct, dazzling, free. We are inspired by women who find beauty in simplicity, as we insistently do.

Because even if it seems that today’s world makes a compelling case for more is more, some of us will always prefer to keep it clean.

Our philosophy

In a world brimmed over with things, decisions, fears, thoughts and expectations, we are all craving for truth and realness, clarity and simplicity. We believe that today’s biggest question of humanity is ”What is essential?”. How to separate relevance from noise, necessary from unnecessary, beauty from glitz.

So we aspire to a wiser way of being in the world.

We aim to slow down life from the inside out. We choose slow instead of fast, silence instead of noise, less instead of more.

Unmeasurable and personal in its own definition, minimalism is a state of mind in which you value yourself more than anything else.


We believe social and environmental injustices are a reason to do business completely different, so respecting the people we work with, producing and consuming mindfully, reducing waste – it’s just as important to us as the things we make.

We make sure all of our selected brands are focused on quality of product, fairness to their workers and responsibility to the environment.

Our minimalist philosophy challenges us to collect fewer, better things, and to donate the pieces in our wardrobes that are  merely taking up space to those who need them. We encourage you to do the same.

UNDRESS actively promotes the entrance of humanity in a new era of sense, joy, peace, balance and lack of waste.